Mt. Batolusong, Rizal
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Mt. Batolusong – Tanay, Rizal (Climb Guide)


Story & Photos

Climb Guide

Mt. Batolusong is located in Tanay, Rizal, part of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and it’s one of the newest mountain destinations there. From what I’ve seen on Instagram and Facebook, the view is breathtaking and the great part is that you can witness a Sea of Clouds. Its jump-off point is in Barangay San Andres.

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal (Climb Guide)

Wanting to go for another climb after my Mt. Pulag Climb, I’ve invited my high school friends to climb Mt. Batulao. I was the one who should organize the trip but eventually, I can’t come. 😛 Days before the climb, I backed out.

After a lot of hikes with other friends, I still haven’t made the climb with them and they continuously tell me to organize a climb for us. After a year or so, I invited them for another climb at Mt. Batolusong in Rizal.

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal (Climb Guide)
Sierra Madre Mountain Range


Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal (Climb Guide)

We started our trek at around 6:30 A.M. The weather is promising and the sun is up. Our first guide becomes the lead and the second becomes the sweeper. We passed through small communities and in the middle of a rice field. There are water sources along the trail so there’s no problem if you get dehydrated. Our first stop was the Duhatan Ridge. The place where you can see the sea of clouds. Unfortunately, there was no sea of clouds. Despite not seeing it, the view was still breathtaking. We took the time to rest and for photo-ops. If you want to do it overnight, campsites are located on the ridge.

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal (Climb Guide)
View from Duhatan Ridge

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal (Climb Guide)

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal (Climb Guide)

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal (Climb Guide)

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal

Another 30 minutes from Duhatan Ridge is Mapatag Plateau. From here, you’ll get another good look at the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal
Having fun at Mapatag Plateau
Team Batolusong

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal


Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal

Before reaching the summit, our wall climbing skills were tested. The view from atop was magnificent. Still, we can see the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. The summit didn’t feel like a summit because of the mountains nearby that are of the same height or higher than where we were. It felt like it was inviting us to climb the others. Chaaalleeenge Accepted! 😛 Nonetheless, we were on top of the world.

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal
Team at the summit

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal

Our guide also pointed out Mt. Susong Dalaga. Now we know why it is called that. 😛

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal
Susong Dalaga Peak


After a few pictures, we decided to go down, We were able to reach Duhatan Ridge at 11:00 AM and ate our lunch there.

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal

We reached the base at noon. Some of my friends went back to the barangay hall to rest and wash up. Some of us proceeded to Sangab Cave. The cave is located in the barangay and is filled with water. We dipped ourselves into its clear pool. It’s very cold so dance until you can adapt. 😛 The guides offer a tour going inside the cave for 300-500 pesos.

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal
Sangab Cave Entrance


Also check out my climb guide to Mt. Batolusong, Mt. Balagbag, Mt. Maynoba, Mt. Daraitan and Atburan Rockies


3:00 AM – 3:30 AM
Meet-up at McDonald’s, Tandang Sora Avenue
3:30 AM
Departure from Quezon City to Barangay Andres, Tanay Rizal
6:00 AM
Arrival at Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal
6:00 AM – 6:30 AM
Registration at Barangay Hall/Preparations for the climb
6:30 AM
Start Trek
8:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Duhatan Ridge
8:30 AM
Trek to Mapatag Plateau
9:00 AM
Mapatag Plateau
9:15 AM
Trek to Summit
10:00 AM
Rangyas Peak (Summit)
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Swimming at Sangab Cave
1:15 PM
1:45 PM
Return to Quezon City
4:15 PM
Back at Quezon City


Registration/Environmental Fee
40 pesos
Guide Fee
1000 pesos for 2 guides (Divided by the number of persons included in the group)
Van Rental
Van price (Divided by the number of persons included in the group)
Packed Lunch
120 pesos



  • Private Vehicle:
    • We rented a Mitsubishi Adventure to go to San Andres. From Quezon City, we pass through Katipunan Avenue, then straight to the long Marilaque Highway/Marcos Highway. Drive until you reach Tanay. Make sure to look around for the area. The entrance to the barangay is hard to see. There’s no light and the welcome sign can’t be seen easily.

      Parking areas are located near the barangay hall.

  • Public Transportation:
    • Ride a jeep in Cubao to go to Cogeo. Drop at Gate 2 and Ride another jeep at a nearby terminal going to Barangay Sampaloc. Drop at the entrance to San Andres. Ride a tricycle that will drop you at the barangay hall.

      After preparations, we proceeded to the barangay hall for registration and fees. We’ve paid 40 Pesos for the registration and environmental fee. We secured guides since we were just new here and they were required by the authorities. P500 for 4-5 persons, we were 8 so we took 2 guides.

      • Take a jeep from Cubao going to Cogeo Gate 2 (Fare = P24)
      • Ride jeep going to Sampaloc. Drop at Batangas (Fare = P42
      • Take trike/habal-habal going to Barangay San Andres (Fare = P30)


  • Registration/Environmental Fee = P40.00
  • Guide Fee = P500.00
  • Cave Tour = P300.00 – P500.00





  • There are water sources located on the trail
  • You can set camp at the campsites located at Duhatan Ridge.
  • You can swim and explore Sangab Cave located at the Barangay.
  • Always observe the “Leave No Trace” principle. Don’t throw your trash anywhere!


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