Maynoba Circuit - Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Cayabu
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Maynoba Circuit: Cayabu-Maynoba-8 Wonder Falls (Climb Guide)


Story & Photos

Climb Guide

It’s been a month since my recent climb and my blood is looking for a physical activity and wanting to be with nature. I’m planning to organize one but most of my friends were not available. So, I’ve looked for a climbing event on Facebook. I’ve found one event organized by Climbing Feet, a climb at Mt. Maynoba in Tanay, Rizal.


The trip includes Mt. Maynoba, Mt. Cayabu and a side trip to the 8 wonder falls nearby the area. It’s one of the newest mountain destinations in Tanay, Rizal. One feature that you can see there is the sea of clouds present covering the valley surrounded by the mountain ranges.


The meetup for the event is at Jollibee, Farmer’s at 1 AM in Cubao. It’s my first time joining a Facebook-organized event since I’m the one who always planned ours.  The place is full of people! It’s like Mecca for mountain enthusiasts.

We rode a van hired by the organizers. The route is the same as Mt. Batolusong. We started at Aurora Boulevard, then straight to Marcos Highway. The jump-off is at Barangay Cayabu in Tanay, Rizal.


We started our climb around 4 in the morning. It is still dark and the earth is wet. We readied our headlamps and hoped not to slip and fall. Our ascent comprises of an assault. Luckily, there are a lot of people ahead of us, so there were a lot of pauses. We can rest for a moment while climbing.


After an hour, our group stopped. We wondered why all of sudden. We didn’t see the sign erected beside us. To our surprise, we were standing at Mt. Cayabu’s summit. Well, that was fast.

We didn’t stay there for too long since there were a lot of people behind us and we were chasing the sea of clouds and the sunrise. We descended around 5 AM. At some parts, Cayabu’s trail is steep, rappelling is required and some stones roll so we were careful in each step.



We reached the base of Cayabu when the sun is starting to rise. We hurried and started to climb again. The ascent was a challenge for me since I have no exercise or run in a week. Near the top, I suddenly pause to catch my breath and looked behind. There it is… the sea of clouds. In my mind, birds started chirping, the light of heaven shining above us, and hear angels singing. Well, I was over-reacting, my friend just told me, “Jase, ang ganda!”. Seeing this, we quicken our pace to see a better view of the clouds.

Mt. Cayabu and Sea of Clouds




At the top, we just didn’t see the sea of clouds but also a good view of Mt. Cayabu. It is shaped like a Hershey’s kisses chocolate. By the way, this is not yet the summit of Maynoba but serves as a campsite for overnighters. Our group was divided, others went straight to the summit and our group proceeded to the campsite on the right side of that mountain. The view there is much better. In front, we have a view of the sunrise and behind us another sea of clouds. The scene up there is breathtaking!

Some days offer a better sea of clouds as it stretches wider compared to what we have seen.



Maynoba Circuit: Cayabu-Maynoba-8 Wonder Falls

Maynoba Circuit: Cayabu-Maynoba-8 Wonder Falls _DSC6614.jpg_DSC6613

After a lot of pictures, we proceeded to the summit. It was jam-packed! It is wide, so it can accommodate a lot of people. You will have a view of the sea of clouds and the Sierra Madre mountain range, but because of the people obstructing our view, we can’t take a good picture. Luckily, we went to the campsite first before going to the summit, which offered us a better chance of taking scenic photos.

Maynoba Circuit: Cayabu-Maynoba-8 Wonder Falls
The trail going to the summit





Mt Cayabu and Mt Maynoba are done. Our next destination is the 8 wonder falls. We descended by going up again since we’re in a mountain range, our trail down is through another mountain. The trail proved to be a challenge because it was muddy.



The muddy trail going down

The 8 waterfalls are connected to each other. So, as we visit each waterfall we are also descending the mountain. The falls vary from each other, some are smaller and some are bigger. There are a lot of people staying at each waterfall, we can’t stay and take a swim. Luckily, the last waterfall was empty. We stayed there and swam for some time. The water is not clear but it is very cold. After a tiring hike, taking a dip is all we need.


This is my third time climbing in Rizal and I can say that the province has potential. It has mountains that showcase views worth of our energy and time– a sea of clouds, mountain range, and waterfalls. According to our guide, the local government will open other mountains to the public. This is good as it will boost tourism and offer jobs to the locals living there. But, we must also always put in mind that this will bring commercialization and when this happens this will surely bring destruction to our environment. It is not bad to climb but we should not be part of its destruction. Be a responsible human being. Always put in mind LNT – Leave No Trace. If we do this, we will surely keep the treasures of the world we live in.

Also check out my climb guide to Mt. Batolusong, Mt. Balagbag, Mt. Binicayan, Mt. Daraitan and Atburan Rockies.


1:00 AM
Meet-up at Jollibee Farmer’s
1:30 AM
Departure from Cubao to Barangay Cayabu
3:30 AM
Arrival at Barangay Cayabu; Registration
4:00 AM
Start Trek
5:00 AM
Mt. Cayabu Summit
6:00 AM
Arrival at Campsite
6:45 AM
Mt. Maynoba Summit
7:00 AM
8:45 AM – 11:00 AM
8 Waterfalls, Swimming
11:00 AM
Back to Barangay Cayabu
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
Back to Manila



  • Take FX from Cubao (Aurora Blvd.) going to Cogeo Gate 2. (Fare = ₱35.00/person, Travel time = 1 Hour and 30 Minutes )
  • Ride jeep bound to Sampaloc. Drop off at Batangasan Junction. (Fare =  ₱42.00/person, Travel time = 1 Hour and 30 Minutes)
  • Get trike at Batangasan Junction and drop at Jump-off. (Fare =  ₱150.00, Travel time = 30 Minutes)


  • Guide Fee = ₱500.00
  • Registration Fee (Traverse) = ₱40.00
  • Registration Fee (Regular Hike) = ₱20.00





  • The first trip going to Sampaloc (Batangasan Junction) is around 5:00 A.M.
  • Always take caution when climbing. The trail going to Mt. Cayabu, Mt. Maynoba, and the 8 falls is rocky and can be slippery during the rainy season.
  • Some part of the trail requires rappelling.
  • Always practice the “Leave No Trace” principle. Let’s preserve the beauty of our mountains.


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