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Mt. Binicayan & Carugo Falls- Rodriguez, Rizal (Climb Guide)

Mt. Binicayan - Carugo Falls

Mt. Binicayan is one of the known climbing sites in Rizal with Mt. Pamitinan as its twin mountain. In between the two is Wawa river where the Wawa Dam was built years before. It is located in Brgy. Wawa,¬†Rodriguez, Rizal. It’s been 3 months since my last climb and I feel the mountains are calling …

Maynoba Circuit: Cayabu-Maynoba-8 Wonder Falls (Climb Guide)

Maynoba Circuit - Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Cayabu

It’s been a month since my recent climb and my blood is looking for a physical activity and wanting to be with nature. I’m planning to organize one but most of my friends were not available. So, I’ve looked for a climbing event on Facebook. I’ve found one event organized by Climbing Feet, a climb …