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Biliran – The Province of Nature and Adventure (Travel Guide)

Biliran Province - Tinago Falls

Biliran is an island province located in the region of Eastern Visayas. Before, it belongs to the province of Leyte. Now, it has become an independent province which boasts an identity as a tourism hub for adventurers and nature lovers. There are a lot to explore in the province from mountains, falls, caves to islands. The …

Eastern Visayas – Itinerary and Travel Guides

Eastern Visayas

Eastern Visayas is a region in the Philippines consists of 6 provinces namely Leyte, Southern Leyte, Biliran, Samar, Northern Samar and Eastern Samar. The region is known for its beautiful islands, waterfalls, and caves that are not yet known to a lot of tourists. Traveling this region has been a goal of mine since 2016.  I was …