ChaseJase started as a journal to release my thoughts and to remind me of my travels. Back then, I always remembered the negative things—the failures and rejections. I forgot the good things that had happened, moments and blessings that I should be grateful for. I felt miserable even though I shouldn’t be. Reality hit me early and I controlled myself from doing things that I wanted. I felt lost and grew without an identity. The purpose of this blog was to remind me of the beautiful things that have happened in my life and to nurture the identity I once lost. A reminder that life is a mixture of challenges and happiness. And by making a choice, I can make things better.

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The last 2014-2016, I went into different adventures from climbing mountains, discovering islands, solo backpacking in unknown lands, to visiting other countries. From these experiences, I realized that I really like nature and traveling. I remembered the things in my childhood years that gave a hint of my passion for travel—like walking along creeks to arrive on a different side of the village, watching a marathon of Lonely Planet, watching a show in NHK where a Filipina travels around Japan and showcasing the food, culture, and places to try and visit there (If you know the title and the woman contact me!), and the simple way of getting lost in the Metro when I was still looking for a job. Even if it was tiring, I liked it just by seeing the new things around me. I realized then, that I want to discover new places and cultures, meet new people, and try new activities. For me, traveling is not just a getaway to relax but a medium for learning from the things around you and for knowing one’s self.

These were parts of me that I ignored because I was adulting fast—thinking of the restriction of money and responsibility. I thought that life was hard, that you should control first before you enjoy. I was a lost soul looking for purpose. This blog helped me to rediscover myself—my gifts, ideas, and perspectives in life. Blogging combined the things that I like: travel, photography, nature, and story-telling. Through different adventures, I was able to change my mindset, practice my craft, and somehow develop good values.

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A blog about my chase of wonders and myself. Stories of adventures (travel, backpacking, hiking, etc.), discoveries (food trips, museums, and events) and life lessons (lessons that I have reflected on). Blog posts will include the stories behind the chase and even guides, for you to make your own travels and maybe eventually, inspire you to chase that dream of yours.


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Currently working in the corporate world as a QA Engineer and planning on leaving it soon. I travel with friends or sometimes even going solo. Being with nature calms me. I chase mountains, waterfalls, and islands. Aside from traveling, eating is also one of my hobbies, I love noodles (pasta, mami, and ramen) and spicy food.