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This blog is a collection of stories, photos, and travel guides from my adventures and discoveries. Join me as I explore the world creating stories and capturing stunning photos. JOIN MY CHASE!





Yow! I am Jase A. Beringuela! Nice to see you here on my blog! This blog is named ChaseJase. As you can see there’s ph at the end of the link name because it is hard for me to register it but I hope to finally get the domain in the future. Anyways, I write stories about Chasing Wonders, Passions, and Dreams. Discover Travel Guides and Life Stories. I am exploring my home country, the Philippines, and finding ways to travel the seven continents of the world. History, nature, and culture are the things that ignite my traveling heart. Traveling for me is a form of education. It gives a different perspective and from that, I was able to realize that we human beings are connected and we share this beautiful world given to us by God to nurture, enjoy, and explore. If money is not an issue, I’ll travel anywhere and in any kind of way. I hope from these stories and guides that I can help and inspire every one of you to travel and take risks. There is more lot to life than titles and validations. Travel with friends, families, or solo. Whomever it might be, you’ll discover yourself more. By the way, I also have different social media accounts like Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok. Feel free to subscribe and see snippets from my adventures and discoveries! I am not an active poster but I am doing what I can to post all my stories and guide here on my website and on my social media accounts. I hope you check them all someday from time to time. Thank you and cheers! © ChaseJase – All Rights Reserved.