Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)
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Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)


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Guimaras Island is located south of the province of Iloilo. It is a 25-minute boat ride from Iloilo’s Ortiz Wharf. The province is known for producing the sweetest mangoes in the world thus having the title of “Mango Captial of the Philippines”.

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)
Guimaras’ Mangoes

Visiting the province of Guimaras is part of our ILOG (Iloilo-Guimaras) Trip. We went here during the rainy season and it was hard to visit the tourist attractions of the island. We only visited a few places so I’ll try to be brief and just add some of the places you can visit in the guide below.

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)

Upon arriving at Jordan, Guimaras, we went straight to the tourism office to hire a local guide with a multi-cab. The tourism office offers a map that suggests the different tourist attractions on the island which can be really helpful in exploring this small province.

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)
Welcome to Guimaras!


Our first stop was the “Smallest Plaza”. Having an area of only less than 300 square meters, the Smallest Plaza won the title for being the “Smallest Plaza in the World” awarded by the Guinness World of Records. Located at the center of the plaza is a statue of Jose Rizal.

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)
A Statue of Rizal at the center of the Smallest Plaza


Holy Family Hills is a pilgrimage site on the island. Here you can enjoy being in nature while you pray and reflect. Around the site, you’ll see life-size Stations of the Cross.

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)
The Last Supper at the Holy Family Hills

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)


Commonly known as the Trappist Monastery and the only one in the country. A popular tourist attraction on the island where you can experience a solemn retreat and have delicious treats that you can take home. Here, you can buy your pasalubongs made from mangoes that is under their own brand name, the Trappist Monastic Products.

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)
Pasalubongs made of Mangoes

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)
Our Lady of the Philippines Monastery


The province’s shift to renewable energy did not just prove its commitment to the protection of the environment but also helped boost the tourism of the province.  One of the largest windmill farms in Southeast Asia, San Lorenzo Windmills will make you amazed by these towering structures standing around the island.

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)
The Towering Windmills of Guimaras


Our last destination for our Guimaras Trip is Alibuhod Beach. Sadly, we weren’t able to take a swim but just by looking at its clear foamy waters and white sand beach, we’ll surely enjoy this place rain or shine. Alibujod Beach has been the jump-off point for the island hopping activities of Guimaras. If you’re seeking for an exciting and thrilling adventure, here is where you want to start. Many resorts have popped out in the area over the years so you should not worry about the accommodations.

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)

Guimaras Island, Western Visayas (Travel Guide)
The Foamy and Clear Waters of Alibuhod Beach

That concludes our trip to Guimaras. It was short and rainy but we will surely want to visit the province again someday and see more of the beautiful places it can offer. Here are some of the other tourist attractions you can visit in the province.


One of Guimaras’ recommended local restaurants is “The Pitstop”, known for its famous and delicious Mango Pizza. They also have other dishes made with mangoes like the Mango Adobo and Bulalo. A must-try if you are looking for a unique taste for your palate.


Guisi Lighthouse is the second oldest Lighthouse in the Philippines built just beside Guisi Beach. It is a 19th Century Spanish-Colonial lighthouse. It is not active anymore as the iron tower is all rusted and the surrounding buildings are in ruins and its original lamp and lantern were all gone. Although in ruins, the visit to this lighthouse will offer you a beautiful view of Guisi Beach and the Panay Gulf.


Consists of a research facility and a plantation. The research center is responsible for the research and development of our world-class mangoes. They have buildings spread all over the area for horticulture, mango production, research, and packaging. In addition, they also have a function hall, a guesthouse, and a dormitory. You can also purchase different kinds of mango seedlings here if you’re planning to take one home.


Roca Encantada or “Enchanted Rock” was originally built in 1910 as the vacation house of the Lopez Family. It stood over a big rocky hill overlooking the amazing Guimaras Strait. It is now named a Heritage House by the National Heritage Institute.



  • Western Visayas, Philippines


  • From Iloilo City:
    1. Take a jeepney or taxi to Ortiz Wharf
    2. Ride a boat going to Jordan Port, Guimaras




  • Boat Fare (Iloilo to Guimaras): P14
  • Tour Guide with Transportation: P500 to P3,000 (May vary depending on the destinations, mode of transportation, and number of people included in the trip)
  • Entrance Fee (Roca Encantada): P50





  • Always wear your life vest when you’re on a boat.
  • Avoid traveling here during the rainy season as waves in these waters are strong. The best time to visit the island is during the dry season (January to May).
  • You can explore the whole island in 2 days.
  • Bring enough cash as everything is on a cash basis.


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