Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon
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Cagbalete Island – Mauban, Quezon (Travel Guide)

Cagbalete Island is an island located in the province of Quezon. It has become one of the most visited islands in the Philippines for its white sand and clear waters.
Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
For our anniversary, my girlfriend and I planned to go to the beach. I’ve searched for beaches that are beautiful, not crowded and doesn’t cost that much to stay. One of the most suggested places is Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon Province. It boasts its white sand beaches and clear waters.



We rode a JAC Liner bus in EDSA near Kamias. There are 2 trips going straight to Mauban. One at 4:30 A.M. and one at 12:00 NN. If you’ve missed these trips, you can take a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal and ride another bus to Mauban. The trip going to the town of Mauban is around 5 hours.


We arrived at the terminal in Mauban around 9:30 AM. Boat rides are scheduled at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. We rushed ourselves to load the boat in time. Tricycles are available and waiting on the side. We took one and told the driver to bring us to the port. He told us that he will bring us to the market and the Environmental office first before going there. We bought ice and water in the market. You can buy all you need on the island, from fresh foods to toiletries. We’ve bought ice and water since we have food already. We proceeded to the Tourism office located near the port. You will register your names and addresses. Environmental fee costs 50 pesos.
Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Off to Sabang
Rain started to pour strongly. Luckily, we reached the port and the boat is still there. We thought that the ride will be canceled due to the weather, but the locals told us that it will be fine, rains are common there (talking about positivity :P). We stayed in the waiting shed but still got wet because of the strong winds. The boat fare is 50 pesos per head.


We left the port despite the bad weather. Waves are as high as the boats we’re into. Fortunately, the boat is covered by plastic sheets which help a lot, blocking the water from coming in. One funny moment, I tried to peek outside the sheets to grasp some air but as soon as I took out my head, the wave splashes onto my face (Waves: In yoooour face! XD). The ride took an hour before arriving at Sabang Port, Cagbalete.



Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Small Boats that will pick you from your boat and drop you to Sabang
We arrived in one piece, but the rain continues to pour. We don’t have reservations for any resort. There are guides who offered us the resorts that they belong to. We’ve decided to stay at Villa Cleofas Resort. It is located at the far end, opposite of the port. There is no road going straight to the resort, so we’ve walked through mud and sometimes big puddles that will reach up to your knee. We only have one umbrella and I let my girlfriend use it. So, I stayed wet… very wet in the wild. 😛 The trek felt cold and challenging, but it was still fun. Felt like an adventure! 😀 If you have a reservation and don’t want to walk, you can ask the resort to pick you up by a carabao cart.



Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Villa Cleofas
After 30 mins of walking, we arrived at the resort. Fortunately, the rain also stopped. We paid the entrance fee of 50 pesos per head. We brought our own tent, so we just paid for a pitching fee of 250 pesos/night. There are cottages, studio-type rooms and huts available at the resort if you want a more comfortable place to stay.
Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Villa Cleofas
Before we pitch our tent, we ate our packed lunch. Cold Chicken Adobo! 😀 We were very hungry and tired because of the challenges we’ve been through. We took a rest at the resort’s canteen. We brought our own foods to cut costs. If you didn’t bring any, you can buy there. The caretakers are nice and very accommodating. They offered us to pitch our tent inside the resort if ever the rain and the wind get strong.


Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
We pitched our tent facing the sea. It was relaxing. The wind was rushing to our faces as we look at the beach’s white sand. A few meters away from the beach, you can see Bonsai Island. You can access it during low tide since a walkway will surface.
Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Bonsai Island
Since it’s still low tide, it’s picture time! 😛
Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon

As the tide was rising, we took the time to swim before it gets dark. For dinner, we were planning to have a bonfire and cook our food (Hotdogs) there, but the wind was very strong. Instead, we borrowed grills and bought coals from the caretakers.

Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
TJ Hotdogs! Kids can tell. 😛

We decided to sleep early. The rain started to pour again. We can hear the droplets of rain as it hit the top of the tent and the wind shook our side. Luckily, our tent is designed to sustain strong winds. Despite the weather, it’s still a good thing, because it feels cold. More comfortable to sleep.

Day 1 was full of challenges. We got drenched. Dog incident. No bonfire. This what happens when you travel on a rainy season. But, we’re still hoping for that summer feeling.


We woke up 5:00 in the morning. The color outside was promising. The sky cleared and the sun rose. Day 2 was the day!!

Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon

We didn’t waste time, ate our breakfast and started exploring the beach and swim.

Cagbalete Island - Mauban, QuezonCagbalete Island - Mauban, QuezonCagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon

 There are no rocks and corals present at the right side of the resort, just pure sand.

We stood there, in the middle of the sea. Touched the seawater, felt the wind and stared at the horizon. It felt like a dream. The place was amazing!

In addition to our day 2 experience, we bought a delicacy of the island for lunch. Crabs with banana blossoms. One of the staffs of the resort, Melvin, will cook this for you.

Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Crabs with banana blossoms

We left the resort around 12 PM to ride the boat and bus in time. We road the carabao cart going back to Sabang. The fee is 30 pesos per head. The weather is now sunny so it makes our trip home a lot easier.

Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Back at Mauban Port

You don’t need to stay in an expensive resort or eat in a fine dining restaurant. Just stay in a tent and experience the simplest things in life. Have an adventure together, as relationships are adventures as well. You will experience trials, work it out and continue moving forward together.

Cagbalete Island - Mauban, Quezon
Our anniversary date on the island felt very special. We endured and enjoyed a lot together.  We will treasure the lessons and views we’ve experienced there. Cagbalete Island will be in our memories forever. We told ourselves to do island adventures again soon. Calaguas or Magalawa? 😀


DAY 1 
4:30 AM
Departed from JAC Liner Terminal
9:30 AM
Arrived at Mauban Terminal
10:00 AM
Departed from Mauban Port
11:00 AM
Arrived at Sabang Port, Cagbalete
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Trekked to Villa Cleofas
12:00 PM
1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Pictures and Beach Bumming
7:00 PM
8:00 PM
Wash up
9:00 PM
Lights Off


5:00 AM
Woke Up
6:00 AM
7:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Beach Bumming
11:00 AM
Wash up and Pack up
12:00 PM
12:30 PM
Go back to Sabang Port, Cagbalete
1:00 PM
Departed from Sabang port, Cagbalete to Mauban Port
2:00 PM
Departed from Mauban to Manila
8:00 PM
Back in Manila



Bus to Mauban, Quezon
270 Pesos/person
Tricycle to Public Market/Tourism Office/Port
75 Pesos for 2 persons
Environmental Fee
50 Pesos/person
Boat to Sabang
50 Pesos/person
Entrance Fee (Villa Cleofas)
50 Pesos/person
Pitching Fee
250 Pesos
25 Pesos
Carabao Cart
30 Pesos/person
Sabang Port to Mauban Port
50 Pesos/person
Tricycle to Bus Terminal
50 Pesos for 2 persons
Bus back to Manila
270 Pesos/person
Food (Snacks, Packed Lunch, Lunch at Resort)
600 Pesos for 2 Persons

TOTAL EXPENSES = 2540.00 Pesos for 2 persons




How to get there:

  • Ride a bus (JAC Liner) from EDSA-Kamias, Cubao or Buendia going to Mauban (Fare = P270/person, Travel time = 5 Hours)
  • If you’ve missed the bus going straight to Mauban, you can drop at Lucena Grand Terminal and take an ordinary bus going to Mauban.
  • From the Mauban Terminal, charter a trike going to the market and port. (Fare = 75 Pesos, Travel Time = 30 Minutes)
  • Ride boat going to Sabang Port, Cagbalete Island. You can charter a boat going straight to your resort or walk from Sabang port going to your resort. (Fare = P50/person, Travel time = 45 Minutes to 1 Hour)



  • Registration/Environmental Fee for Cagbalete = P50/person
  • Carabao Cart = P30/person
  • Entrance Fee = P50/person
  • Pitching Fee = P250



  • Remember that chicken adobo? No one was near our tent, so the stray dog in the resort ate it. Bad Doggy! XD  Cover or hide your food if no one’s checking it.
  • Bring umbrellas and raincoats if you’re going on a rainy season as it is one of the paths storms usually pass.
  • Boats going back to Mauban Port leaves at 1:00 PM and the bus going back to Manila leaves at 2:00 PM.
  • Other activities offered in Villa Cleofas are snorkeling, frisbee, and volleyball, kayaking and island hopping.



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