Dunsulan Falls - Pilar, Bataan (Travel Guide)
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Dunsulan Falls – Pilar, Bataan (Travel Guide)


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Last November, my family planned to have a tour in Bataan. Our main destination was Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and have an overnight stay at Playa de Caleta. We spent a lot of time in Las Casas that we finished the Day Tour late.  We decided to change our side trip to a more accessible one since Playa de Caleta can be reached by boat.

I haven’t heard of Dunsulan Falls even before we started our trip. I just googled for a destination in Bataan that is near Las Casas and voila, Dunsulan Falls came to the list with Mt. Samat National Shrine as its twin destination. We stayed at SunMoon Beach Resort, which is a few kilometers from Las Casas, to satisfy our cravings for sand and sea and to push through Dunsulan Falls and Mt. Samat National Shrine the next day.


Dunsulan Falls is located in Mt. Samat in Pilar, Bataan. This makes a good side trip for those who are visiting Mt. Samat National Shrine.

I looked on Waze and checked its proximity to the main road. It looked near but it turned out to have a lot of turns and highly elevated parts. I was surprised that they constructed a road going directly to the falls. Just be careful on driving since the road is narrow and can only accommodate one vehicle at a time.

Dunsulan Falls - Pilar, Bataan (Travel Guide)

Dunsulan Falls - Pilar, Bataan (Travel Guide)

The waterfall belongs to a tourist spot called Dunsulan Park, a place where families and friends can enjoy nature together. Aside from swimming, they have other activities including Tree Hopping Adventure and horseback riding. Although it is not ideal for swimming because of floating leaves and branches. You can just think of it as literally being one with nature. XD Another thing that caught my attention was the rock formations surrounding the waterfall which add to its beauty.

Dunsulan Falls - Pilar, Bataan (Travel Guide)

Dunsulan Falls - Pilar, Bataan (Travel Guide)

Dunsulan Falls - Pilar, Bataan (Travel Guide)

I have this thing for waterfalls so even if we didn’t take a plunge, going there was still worth it. I captured a long exposure of the falls and took it as my memory of our unexpected visit to Dunsulan Falls.

Dunsulan Falls - Pilar, Bataan (Travel Guide)

By the way, I’m starting to create a collection of posts depending on their category and calling it “Series”. This one falls in the Waterfalls Series. I don’t know where will this lead me but I see it as a way to push myself to chase more destinations and wonders this year. Hope you can check out the Series. Cheers!



  • Pilar, Bataan


  • By Private Transportation:
    • Bataan can be accessed via the Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). If you take NLEX, exit to San Fernando City.
    • Take Jose Abad Santos Avenue which will pass through Guagua and Lubao.
    • Continue to Bataan Provincial Highway.
    • When you reach an intersection in Pilar, turn right onto Gov. JJ Linao National Road.
    • If you’re coming from Manila, turn left onto a Road just after Liyang Elementary School. An arc with “Dunsulan Falls” can be seen.
  • By Commute:
    • Ride a bus from Cubao to Balanga, Bataan.
    • At Balanga, take a jeepney bound to Cabog-Cabog. Drop at the road (just after Liyang Elementary School) leading to Dunsulan Falls.
    • Hire a tricycle going to Dunsulan Park.


  • Entrance Fee (Dunsulan Falls) = ₱50
  • Table Fee = ₱20





  • Be careful when driving, the road to Dunsulan Falls is narrow and has a lot of steep parts.
  • Dunsulan Park’s peak season is around summer.
  • The park is open daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Dunsulan Park can be a good side trip after visiting Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar or Mt. Samat National Shrine.
  • An entrance fee of P50 is required but somehow we got exempted since we are just there to take some photos. Just talk to the caretakers and maybe they will exempt you from paying as well.
  • Don’t throw your trash anywhere. Keep the place clean and green.


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