Money is a tool

Money! Money! Money!


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When we come across the word “Money” or just even hear it, our minds always incorporate it with the word “Evil” but it is also that one thing we keep on chasing until the day we die. So, are we destined to be evil? Should we avoid and let go of it?

Yes, if we partner money with negative emotions and desires that can lead to bad things. And No, because in reality, money is an essential part of our lives.

In reality, money is everywhere. We cannot remove it in our society. It’s been there throughout history and it is still here in modern times. We use money to buy food, have shelter, pay for our medical needs, education, and many more. Even some of our happiness is brought by money like traveling, eating fancy food, and having a beautiful and comfortable home. Yes, happiness can be found in the simplest things but money can help in achieving different forms of happiness and help our well-being. If you can afford a house you’ll never worry about living in the streets or if you can buy food, you’ll never worry about starving. Everything we need to survive, we need money. If we live in a Utopian world where everything is free, well that’s great! But, we are not living a Utopian Life and that’s reality.

Money is a tool
Food. Home. Travel.

When it comes to the economic perspective, money is there to regulate supply and demand, make people productive, and even be a component of human and technological development. Yes, who would not want excellent social welfare, free medical assistance, and free education? If your government can provide it, why not? But what if you live in a 3rd world nation where some of these necessities are not openly available to its citizens? Do we just stay at home, rant, and do nothing?  Sometimes money is also one of the drivers in our life to pursue our development and dreams.

I’m not saying that we should worship money and focus our life on it but rather for us to consider it as a tool and a catalyst for improvements in our lives. A tool to survive, a tool for achieving our dreams, and a tool for helping others. Instead of neglecting of talking about it, we should open ourselves to knowing and understanding how it works. To make it work for us, instead of us working for it or even manipulating us.

Yes, money may have brought a lot of evil things into this world but we also have to take note that it has also brought positive things as well and once we change our perspective of money we will stop focusing on ourselves and maybe someday we can also help on bringing good things in this world.



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