Soul-searching? This Is How To Find You.

Soul-searching? This Is How To Find You.


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Have you ever been to a point where you don’t have the motivation to do something? You’re stuck and don’t know where to start? You keep asking yourself, “what’s next?”? Being lost is hard and draining. It’s like being a fish in a barrel that just keep circling in the same location without any progress. Not knowing what path you should take can be very frustrating. It is very important that you should know where to go so you can achieve what you want in life.


Here are things that you should keep in mind to help you move forward.


Soul-searching? This Is How To Find You.

This is the start of your journey to find YOU. The Soul-searching phase. Know anything about yourself from your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, your dreams, goals, and your fears. Knowing your identity will establish the base of your growth. If you don’t know where to begin, start by trying different kinds of things even if it doesn’t make sense to you yet. Attend workshops or seminars, watch tutorials on Youtube, join communities, or have a personal project. Being exposed to different activities, challenges and people will help you to consider what makes you tick and what is important to you.


You may change in the future but if you know your core, you’ll be able to stay on your course no matter what.


Soul-searching? This Is How To Find You.

Now that you know something, if not fully, about yourself, start growing. Develop the values, the mindset, the habits, and the skills for you to achieve your goal. Have the discipline to prioritize your growth, learn the skill you want to master, practice your craft, and be committed. You can do this by practicing your craft every day, learning from mentors, reading books, etc. Without action, dreams will be just dreams.


Soul-searching? This Is How To Find You.

Give yourself to the opportunities, to the process, and to God. The journey towards achieving YOU will not be easy. Your circumstances will change, there will be obstacles, people will doubt you and you might fail a lot. You must decide, commit, and persevere whatever stage you are in your life.

  • Give yourself to the Opportunity.
Take risks. If you will not take risks, nothing will happen. If you commit mistakes, no problem, you will learn from them. Failing is better than having regrets in the future.


  • Give yourself to the Process.
The process will be hard and full of obstacles, but this is normal. Accept that it will be hard and be patient. Building you will take a lot of effort and perseverance. Keep moving and keep learning.


  • Give yourself to God.
Most important of all. There might come a time when you will fall down and be on the point of giving up but knowing that God is there for you and you trust Him, you will gain light and hope. Always ask for direction and strength so that you may endure the challenges that you will face as you pursue you and your dreams.


Now that you have an idea of what you should do, have the courage to accept yourself or change for the better. Don’t worry, it’s never too late, only death is the end. You will find YOU. Cheers!




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