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Tarak Ridge – Mariveles, Bataan (Climb Guide)


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Climb Guide

Tarak Ridge is part of Mt. Mariveles on its west side. Mt. Mariveles is located in Mariveles, Bataan with its jump-off at Brgy. Alas-asin. The ridge is the reason for mountaineers to climb because of its scenic landscape, rugged cliff, and strong winds. I don’t know why, but this place reminded me of the Isle of Sky that I’ve seen on YouTube.

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan

My cousin Darryl invited me to join their climb to Tarak Ridge of their group called 1Nature Mountaineers. This was my next climb after my challenging climb in Mt. Pulag. I thought I will not be able to climb again because of my back problems. I thought it was not a good idea to push myself or else the problem will get worse.  But, I miss the outdoors and still want to do many things, If I let my back problem hinder me from attaining my goals, it will crush me. Fortunately, I went to 2 medical check-ups and the doctors told me that it was okay for me to do such activities.


We started our climb at 5 in the morning. It was dark and fallen trees block some parts of the trail caused by the typhoons. I was worried if I can make this climb without much challenge, but the bright light of the full moon lifted my spirit.

The sun rose and I saw the greens of the mountain. It was a view to see. After months of staying in the Metro, I’ve really missed the fresh air, the forest, and the dirt.

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, BataanTarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan

After 2 hours, we reached the Papaya river. This area was also a campsite for those who don’t want to stay on the ridge. I’m not sure why it’s called that but papaya or not, it was beautiful. We dipped our legs and washed our faces. It was refreshing.

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan
Papaya River

We continued climbing and the trail got steeper and harder. Roots of trees blocked the trail so we lifted ourselves to pass those obstacles.


Trees started to clear and I saw the view of Bataan and Corregidor Island. We finally stepped foot on Tarak Ridge. The wind was so strong, all light materials can be blown off easily. We tried to pitch our tent there, but the wind proved hard for us and the ground was too hard for the peg to go through. We then decided to pitch it somewhere else to avoid any accidents.

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, BataanTarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan

After all, preparations were done, we ate our lunch and took some rest. We planned on climbing the summit tomorrow morning. We spend the whole afternoon resting and taking photos.

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan


The next day, we ate our breakfast and some of us continued to reach the summit while the others were left behind to break camp. The wind was still strong at the ridge and it was hard to pose beside a cliff, but still, we managed to take some pictures.

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan

After an hour we were able to reach the summit. The famous landmark for the summit is a lone tree located at the edge. Unfortunately, we can’t see the view because of the fog. Nevertheless, it was another achievement for me to reach the summit of another mountain.

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan
Lone tree on the summit
Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan
Summit Buddies

We headed back to camp and packed our things. But before all, pictures at the ridge first. :p

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan
Team Tarak

Tarak Ridge - Mariveles, BataanTarak Ridge - Mariveles, BataanTarak Ridge - Mariveles, Bataan

We started our descent going to Papaya river. We ate our lunch and took a splash into the cold waters of the river.  Darryl and her girlfriend, Macy, were in a hurry so we left first and left the others behind.

We were able to return back to the jump-off point in just a short time without much stopping. I was able to cope up with their speed and didn’t feel very tired. This must be the effect of my climb in Pulag. I was able to push myself beyond my limits and luckily, my back didn’t experience any problems. With this, I told myself, I will surely climb again soon. 🙂



11:30 PM/12:00AM
Meet-up at Genesis Terminal in Cubao. Departed from Cubao going to Mariveles, Bataan
4:00 AM
Arrived at Alas-asin; registered at Brgy. Hall
4:30 AM
5:00 AM
Start trek
8:00 AM
Arrived Papaya river; lunch
8:30 AM
Resume trek to woodlands
10:30 AM
Arrived at Tarak Ridge
11:30 AM
Setup Camp
12:30 AM
1:30 AM
Rest, Socials
6:30 PM
Prepared for dinner
8:00 PM
Lights out


7:00 AM
8:00 AM
Explored Summit
9:30 AM
Break Camp
10:00 AM
Started Descent
10:30 AM
Arrived at Papaya river
11:00 AM
Prepared Lunch
11:30 AM
12:30 PM
Swam at Papaya River
1:30 PM
Continued Trek to Jump-Off
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
Back to Manila



Bus From Cubao to Mariveles
272 Pesos
Bus From Mariveles to Cubao
272 Pesos
Registration Fee
40 Pesos
Wash Up Fee
20 Pesos
Food and Toiletries
500 Pesos





  • Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines


  • Ride a bus (Genesis and Five Star) in Cubao bound for Mariveles, Bataan. Drop off at Barangay Alas-asin near the barangay hall. (Fare = P272/person, Travel time = 3-4 Hours)
  • Ride a tricycle from the barangay hall going to the jump-off point or walk.


  • Registration Fee = P40
  • Guide Fee = P500-P700
  • Donation for Aling Cording = any value
  • Wash-up fee = P20





  •  Make sure not to spoil the river. Papaya river is a water source and the only one there.
  • Avoid pitching at the ridge, strong winds will surely blow your tent away. Around Papaya River is a more recommended campsite.
  • A guide is not required, but make sure to register at the Registration Area.



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