3 Travel Videos that Pushed Me to Travel More

3 Travel Videos that Pushed Me to Travel More


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YouTube has been a treasure chest for me for ideas and inspiration. Last 2015 and 2016, I was driven to travel and with the help of these 3 travel videos, I was able to pursue it. These 3 videos inspired me to travel more–to decide and take that leap for adventure.

Travel Video Title: Backpacking the Philippines Summer 2015

YouTube Channel: WhereToGoNext?

3 Travel Videos that Pushed Me to Travel More

Have you ever wondered if you can visit all the islands of the Philippines in 1 month? Well not all, but these guys made a trip to different provinces in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao–jumping from one island to another. This video shows 3 friends backpacking around the Philippines, having that adventure of a lifetime–exploring the beautiful destinations and experiencing new things. This video inspired me to backpack around the Philippines and also reminded me to never forget to have fun wherever I go, and that the simple things can bring happiness, as simple as traveling with friends.

Travel Video Title: Island Hopping in the Philippines | Reel Philippines by STA Travel

YouTube Channel: STA Travel

3 Travel Videos that Pushed Me to Travel More

A video that shows the clear waters and beautiful islands of the Philippines. I really like this video because of its blend with the background music called Manang Biday, an Ilocano Folk song translated into Filipino, sung by kids with angelic voices while showing the beautiful sceneries that the Philippines can offer. This video will let you love the Philippines more. Watching this video made me desire to visit those places and meet and know different people when traveling.

Travel Video Title: How to travel the world with almost no money | Tomislav Perko | TEDxTUHH

YouTube Channel: TEDx Talks

3 Travel Videos that Pushed Me to Travel More

This video was probably the most influential to me. It changed my perspective when it comes to traveling. All my life I see travel as a luxury. An activity that can only be done by the rich and on one’s retirement days. Tomislav Perko traveled with a little amount of money and with a lot of sense of adventure. This video shows how to travel without spending a huge amount of money or even none. Every time I travel I always put in mind his stories of removing biases, lowering expenses, and having the courage to explore the unknown.

These videos do not just show great visuals but also messages that have surely opened my mind to different possibilities. I never get tired of watching these again and again. It always put a spark to my desire to travel. I am sharing these with you and I also hope that these may lead you to your desired adventure. Cheers!





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