Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)

Archery Attack at The Attack Arena (Metro Guide + Tips)


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It was my cousin’s bachelor party that I got to visit Attack Arena. I’ve seen it outside many times and thought of it as a normal ball court where you can play badminton, volleyball, etc. But I was wrong. It is literally an arena where anyone can play the roles of a swordsman, a military assault unit, or an archer and fight to the death. Well, not really to the death but to exhaustion. XD A venue for an all-body workout and pain.

Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)

We played “Archery Attack” where we took the role of archers in the Battle of Helms Deep. They provided the bows and arrows. The arrow’s tip was covered by a rubber ball, so no need to worry if you’ll cry in pain at the end of the game. The area is huge enough for a large group. Inflatable barricades are placed strategically for players to take cover. Before the game, a trainer taught us the basics and the regulations of the game.

Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)

Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)


There are different types of games for Archery Attack. One is a team game where our group was divided into two and we had to shoot each other until no one on the opponent’s team is alive. Another is the “Deathmatch” wherein everyone is your target. You win if you are the sole survivor.

Another type is like the game of “Ice, ice, water”. When a team member is shot by an enemy, you have to hit him to make him alive and be able to play again. Same with the first one, the team with all members got hit, and lose. The last type was like the Apprentices versus the Master type of game. Us against our trainer/coach. 7 of us against 1 man. He hit us one by one until he became the victor. 🙁 We ran, evaded as many arrows, and returned every shot to our opponent. It was exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. We tried to finish all of our opponents while saving ourselves from each attack. It was fun!

Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)

Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)
“Master vs the Apprentices”

Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)

Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)
Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)
AIM. CTTO: Glenn Beringuela
Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)
FIRE! CTTO: Glenn Beringuela

Playing Archery Attack was super fun and also very tiring. Evading the arrow and laughing at the same time blew our lungs out but really provided a wonderful experience for us.

Archery Attack at Attack Arena (Game Guide)

Attack Arena is a good place for team building. To create bonds with your friends/teammates or to end that grudge against your mortal enemy/workmate. ?




  • Congressional Avenue Extension, Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines (Closed)
  • 1st Floor, Vertis North, Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • 2nd Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th, Ortigas Center, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines


  • Extra clothes
  • Bottled Water
  • Rubber Shoes
  • Active Wear/sportswear


Combat Archery Experience (Archery Attack):

  • ₱200.00 for 15 Minutes
  • ₱300.00 for 30 Minutes
  • ₱500.00 for 60 Minutes

Basic Archery & Throwing (Artemis & Orion):

  • ₱300.00 for 30 Minutes
  • ₱500.00 for 60 Minutes

Archery Lessons (Artemis & Orion):

  • ₱6,000.00 for 10 Lessons, 2 Hours per lesson

Virtual Reality Games (Tek-Info VR):

  • ₱200.00 for 15 Minutes
  • ₱350.00 for 30 Minutes
  • ₱600.00 for 60 Minutes

Airsoft Range (Tactical Strike):

  • ₱300.00 for 5 Minutes (Rifle/AEG)
  • ₱1,000.00 for 30 Minutes (Rifle/AEG)
  • ₱100.00 for 2 Minutes (Pistol/GAS)
  • ₱250.00 for 5 Minutes (Pistol/GAS)
  • ₱500.00 for 10 Minutes (Sharing)
  • ₱20.00-₱50.00 for Target Paper (10cm-20cm-40cm)


  • Archery Attack – 60 Minutes
  • Artemis & Orion – 30 Minutes
  • Virtual Arena – 15 Minutes
  • Tactical Strike – 300 Bullets



  • Operating Hours: During mall hours from 11:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. daily. Additional hours by request and observation.
  • Activities: Aside from the combat archery experience, they also offer Airsoft Range, Basic Archery, Throwing Weapons (Shuriken stars and throwing knives), and Virtual Reality Games.
  • The games are all body workout activities that will drain you. Bring your water bottle or drinking water to quench your thirst.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for you to move and act freely.
  • They offer discounts for company groups (40 Persons).
  • They can host their activities outside the venue or even outside of Metro Manila
  • They prefer for you to book ahead of time so that customers can avoid waiting.
  • Fees include equipment, instructors, and facilitation of each activity.
  • If some players are unable to play an activity during the session due to time limitations or incidents, a claim stub for missed activities will be issued and may be availed at the convenience of the player which will also be subject to availability.



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