Balai Tanay - Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide)

Balai Tanay – Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide + Tips)


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If you asked me what would I do after the pandemic, I would go camping and be with nature. The lockdowns and staying at home are a bummer and it will really make you appreciate the outdoors. Balai Tanay offers an experience with nature without the efforts of camping.


Balai Tanay - Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide)

Balai Tanay is an eco-resort where they have unique lodgings surrounded by nature. What got us into Balai Tanay is their unique jeepney camper. In their AIRBNB reservation, the jeepney camper is one of the selections available for guests to rent. They turned a jeepney into camper style vehicle where you have a bed, a refrigerator, and an air conditioning system. At first, I thought that the jeepney will feel crowded inside but it really was wide and comfortable inside. Included in the jeepney camper lodging are a mini pool, a bonfire pit, and a dining area. You will also have an assigned comfort room with a heater. If you want a bigger pool, there is a bigger pool shared among all the accommodations just make sure to sign their waiver before dipping in. For the food, they provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, just make sure to tell them in advance, so that they can prepare it early as stores are far from the resort.

Balai Tanay - Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide)
Jeepney Camper

Balai Tanay - Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide)
Mini Pool, Bonfire Pit & Wash area

Balai Tanay - Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide)
Inside of the Jeepney Camper

Balai Tanay - Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide)
2nd floor bed


The caretakers were really nice and it was easy for us to ask them for some of our tiny requests. We visited the resort during a signal number 4 storm and we forgot to tell them in advance that we would order dinner. Fortunately, they still have remaining stocks and they did not hesitate to cook for us. Electricity went down for a while and they provided us with emergency lights. Despite the strong winds, the jeepney camper endured the storm and we were safe and sound inside for the rest of the night. The storm stopped the next day and we spent our remaining hours at the pool surrounded by nature.

Balai Tanay - Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide)
Comfort Room, Dining Area and the Jeepney Camper

Balai Tanay - Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide)
Tapsilog from their breakfast menu

Balai Tanay - Tanay, Rizal (Travel Guide)
Swimming Pool

The experience of staying in Balai Tanay’s jeepney camper is one of a kind. I got to experience nature in comfort. I was able to relax and soothe my soul. Next time you want a getaway from the city, visit Balai Tanay and try “The Jeep”.




  • By Public Transportation –  Take a UV express from Crossing in Shaw Blvd. to Cogeo Market. Then, take a Jeepney or UV express to Sampaloc, Tanay. From the Sampaloc market, take a trike to “Balai Tanay”.





  • AIRBNB Link: Jeepney Camper (AIRBNB)
  • Instagram:
  • Contact Number: 0917 529 1578
  • Email:
  • Facebook Page:


  • Guests are required to sign a waiver before swimming in the pool.
  • No shoes are allowed inside the Jeepney Camper
  • A corkage fee of ₱1,000 for guests who bring any drinks but it is refundable if guests bring home their plastic, glass, or tin containers.
  • Leave No Trace. Refrain from taking any plants, fruits, and flowers from the eco-resort.
  • Pets are allowed as long as you are a responsible pet owner.
  • Smoking is not allowed indoors but outdoors is allowed.
  • Smart has better reception than Globe. Each cottage has a prepaid Wi-Fi device you may use, Guests will shoulder the cost of the load.


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