Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)
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Canyoneering in Cebu – Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)


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Cebu was the first province I’ve visited outside of Luzon and that trip made a lot of wonderful memories — fun with my closest friends and discovering and seeing one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. It is probably one of the places I’ll never forget. That was the time when canyoneering and whale shark watching were still not in trend. Mostly, we were on the beaches with white sand and clear waters. Where we lie down on the sand, covered by swaying trees, and appreciating the blue turquoise waters in front of us. After 7 years, I’m back and this time, an adventure-packed trip. The main reason for being there was because of our friends’ wedding and as a side trip, we visited Oslob, Badian, and Alegria.

Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)


Canyoneering has been one of the top activities to do in the province and it should be on everyone’s bucket list. The beautiful nature and the high adrenaline activity that anyone could experience will surely make you love the Philippines more.

We took the road less traveled since we came from Dalaguete. We visited Oslob the day before so we went straight to Alegria and Badian by van. Instead of the common way of going down south to Oslob and then to Badian, we crossed the mountains of Cebu. Crossing the town of Mantolongon, Cebu’s Little Baguio, then down to the town of Alegria.


We were recommended by our friend’s mom to Alegria Canyoneering. According to sources, there’s a dispute between the municipalities of Alegria and Badian with regards to the canyoneering and Kawasan Falls. Instead of ending up to Kawasan Falls at the end of the tour, we were escorted back to the Preparation Area in Alegria.

Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)

Before reaching the preparation area, we were given life jackets, helmets, and shoes. There was an orientation regarding the safety standards and environmental responsibilities. We were also introduced to our guides. No need to worry about those picture-perfect shots because they got your back. 😉 May it is videos or photos, they will take it for you. And of course, your safety is their number one priority.

We trekked for a few minutes before reaching the first jump. Just doing the first jump was nerve-racking. Once we entered the canyon, we were astonished by the blue waters and the rock formations. Beautifully carved by nature and time. We jumped, slid, and fall at our backs as if we can’t feel the tiredness. Every jump and fall was scary but also addicting in a way.

Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)

Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)

Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)

Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)

Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)

Try lying on your back, float, and stare at the sky and the trees covering the canyon, it was very relaxing.

Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)

Before reaching the end, we were surprised because there were grill stands inside the canyons selling Pork Barbecue, Isaw, and “Puso” as a snack! It was funny because it was strategically placed there. Everyone was hungry and by just smelling the smoke every tourist arriving there will surely buy their food.


At the end, we were directed back to the orientation area. We turned left and climbed a steep stairway that was harder than the canyoneering course. XD Unfortunately, we saw some groups going straight to the Kawasan Falls. I’m not sure why we need to go to the falls in a different way. If there’s a dispute, why there were others continuing? Or maybe we just paid a discounted amount? Nonetheless, we were thankful as we were able to try canyoneering together. We rest for a while and rode our van again to go to Kawasan Falls.

Canyoneering in Cebu - Wet and Wild! (Travel Guide)



  • Alegria/Badian, Cebu, Philippines


    1. If you’re coming from the airport:
      • Take a taxi and go to Cebu South Terminal. (Travel Time = 30 Minutes to 1 Hour, Fare = P200-P300)
      • Take a bus from Cebu South Terminal going to Alegria/Badian. (Travel Time = 3-4 Hours, Fare = P160)
      • Tell the driver to drop you off where canyoneering agencies are.
    2. If you want to rent a van:
      • Contact “Bording” – 09233312719 (SUN Cellular)


  • Canyoneering Package (Registration fee included with guides and gears, such as helmet and life vest) = P1500 (Regular Price)






  • Make sure to contact an agency or LGU first to confirm the availability of the tour. There were plans to create a new ordinance that will limit the number of guests to do the activity and close the area during Mondays.
  • Leave No Trace. Please keep your trash with you.
  • There are grill stands in the middle of the canyoneering course where you can buy Puso (Rice), Barbecue, Hotdog, and Isaw. Be sure to give the sticks and “Puso” wrappers back to the vendors, avoid throwing them anywhere.
  • If you’re coming from Alegria Canyoneering Adventure Service, a habal-habal ride is included in the package that will drop you off at the orientation area.
  • For your safety, avoid removing your life jackets and helmets even if you’re a good swimmer.
  • Make sure to bring a dry bag for your electronic stuff and wallet.
  • Bring a lot of batteries for your Action/Underwater Camera. 2-3 batteries were not enough for us.
  • Canyoneering Agencies start accepting people from 7:30 A.M. until 3:00 P.M.


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