Kawasan Falls - Badian, Cebu (Travel Guide)
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Kawasan Falls – Badian, Cebu (Travel Guide)


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Kawasan Falls is located in Badian, Cebu which boasts cool and clear waters. A cascading fall consisting of multiple pools with different elevations.

After doing the canyoneering at Alegria, we went to Kawasan Falls. Normally, the falls is part of the canyoneering activity but our package does not include it, so we ended up going back to the canyoneering orientation area in Alegria and then drove to the entrance of the falls.

Kawasan Falls - Badian, Cebu (Travel Guide)

The entrance to the falls was just along the highway. A lot of parked cars can be seen which signifies the flock of tourists that we are about to encounter. We paid P45 for the entrance fee which includes the User’s Fee and the Eco-Tourism Development Fee. No guides were required and the way was already paved, we just followed the crowd of tourists going the same way.

Kawasan Falls - Badian, Cebu (Travel Guide)

I was really astonished by the clear waters running through the river. I hope it won’t end up being polluted by too much tourism. There are also food vendors and souvenir shops that can be found on the trail. We stopped and ate every time we saw one. XD

Kawasan Falls - Badian, Cebu (Travel Guide)

Kawasan Falls - Badian, Cebu (Travel Guide)


After 1.5 kilometers of walking, we finally arrived at the falls. I was surprised because there were a lot of cottages and tables. It is very commercialized. I was expecting it to be untouched. There are other levels but we didn’t push through because we were chasing time. In our itinerary, we planned on climbing Osmeña Peak next so we didn’t stay long. We only took pictures and felt the waters of the falls.

Kawasan Falls - Badian, Cebu (Travel Guide)

Kawasan Falls - Badian, Cebu (Travel Guide)

Kawasan Falls - Badian, Cebu (Travel Guide)

We hurried back to the entrance but realized that we can’t do the climb to Osmena Peak anymore. I really wanted to swim and thought that we should have just stayed at the falls longer. Nonetheless, seeing it was part of the experience. At least, we still have another reason to come back to Kawasan Falls. Thank you, friends, for this experience!



  • Badian, Cebu, Philippines


  1. If you’re coming from the airport:
    • Take a taxi and go to Cebu South Terminal. (Travel Time = 30 Minutes to 1 Hour, Fare = P200-P300)
    • Take a bus from Cebu South Terminal going to Alegria/Badian. (Travel Time = 3-4 Hours, Fare = P160)
    • Tell the driver to drop you off where canyoneering agencies are.
  2. If you want to rent a van:
    • Contact “Bording” – 09233312719 (SUN Cellular)


  • Eco-tourism Development Fee: P20
  • User’s Fee: P25
  • Cottages: P1500-P2000
  • Tabel Rental: P500
  • Raft Rental: P300






  • Contact Number (Alegria Canyoneering Adventure Service): 0915-9532691 (GLOBE Mobile)
  • Contact Number (Kawasan Canyoneering): 0905-3332623  (GLOBE Mobile)
  • Website (Alegria Canyoneering Adventure Service)http://www.alegriacanyoneeringcebu.com/
  • Website (Kawasan Canyoneering)http://kawasancanyoneering.com.ph/
  • Landline Number (Local Government Unit of Badian): 475-9118


  • The entrance to the falls is just along the highway.
  • If an agency offers you a canyoneering package with a direct tour to Kawasan falls, I suggest you take it. You’ll save time and effort.
  • Guides going to the falls are available but are not required. The trail going to the falls is already paved and you just need to follow the crowd.
  • Kawasan Falls has 3 levels. We only went to the first level which was very touristy and crowded. Visit the higher 2 levels to appreciate it more.
  • Leave No Trace. The falls has already been commercialized and it’s very saddening to see it in a different state. Avoid throwing your trash anywhere! Let’s preserve of what is left of this beauty.


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  • […] At the end, we were directed back to the orientation area. We turned left and climbed a steep stairway that was harder than the canyoneering course. XD Unfortunately, we saw some groups going straight to the Kawasan Falls. I’m not sure why we need to go to the falls in a different way. If there’s a dispute, why there were others continuing? Or maybe we just paid a discounted amount? Nonetheless, we were thankful as we were able to try canyoneering together. We rest for a while and rode our van again to go to Kawasan Falls. […]


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