Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan, Aurora – Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide + Tips)


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Dingalan is a town in Aurora known as the Batanes of the East. It has landscapes that mimic the rolling hills and blue waters of the islands of Batanes. Located at the Eastern part of the country, it showcases a view of the majestic Pacific Ocean.


Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan is just a few kilometers from Nueva Ecija, so there’s no problem having it as a side trip. We visited Dingalan after our climb of Mt. Sawi in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija.  It was almost night when we left Barangay Malinao. Fortunately, there was still a bus going there. We asked locals for things we need to be concerned about, especially, a place to stay for the night. We’ve researched before but just to have options we’ve asked anyway. Beside me is a teacher and she told me that there are accommodations near the port. She told the conductor of the bus to drop us at the tricycle terminal. Another man who was also asked by my friends and has the same drop point as ours told the tricycle driver to bring us to the accommodations they knew. What I like about traveling in the provinces is the kindness of the locals, they always give you a smile, advise you about things about the locality, and welcome you with open arms.


To our surprise, it started to rain and we still didn’t have a place to stay in. Another kindness from a local, a woman who let us stay at their house until the rain stopped. After a few minutes, we left her house and walked a few meters to find Shalom Guesthouse and Resto Bar which was the accommodation I’d researched a year ago. Finally, after long hours of travel and exhaustion, we were able to fill our stomachs and rest our aching bodies.

To my surprise, I didn’t expect that the port would be just in front of us. The next day, we went straight to the port and looked for the tourism office. We met a couple from Bulacan who also wanted to see what Dingalan has to offer. We grouped together and secured our guide and boat.


The lighthouse is located in the easternmost part of the town. It can be reached by walking along the shoreline or by boat. We chose the latter, to save energy and time and as tourists, the tourism office required us to have a guide and a boat. It started raining again when we left the port. We were soaking wet when we reached White Beach. The rain stopped as soon as we landed but the rain clouds were still showing signs of a possible pour later. White Beach is a simple beach resort where there are cottages that locals and tourists can enjoy while taking a plunge into the sea.

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

We have to walk inland until we reach the fork that leads both to the lighthouse and the view deck. We chose the lighthouse to visit first. There were no stairs going there so everyone needed to take the trail up, which was steep, muddy, and slippery. On our way up, one of my slippers snapped and left me walking barefoot. It was muddy but I was more comfortable and able to move freely.

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)
Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

After an hour of climbing, we finally reached the lighthouse and saw the magnificent view in front of us. The blue ocean and rolling slopes of the mountains. Fortunately, the rainclouds went away and the sun started to show. There were strong winds blowing around us. I can’t describe the feeling, it was refreshing and fulfilling to see and feel it all.

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

The lighthouse and the view deck are two vantage points that let you see the same view but from different perspectives. The view deck has a wide standing field and showed us Lamao Caves and a 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean.

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)


Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)

Dingalan deserves to be named as its own. Batanes is Batanes and Dingalan is Dingalan. Both have identities of their own and something to show and be proud of. I want to call it the “Window to the Pacific” as it is at the edge of the Philippines and shows a magnificent view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)





a. By Private Vehicle:

  • Drive to NLEX and exit to Mabalacat
  • Enter SCTEX and Exit to Tarlac City
  • Take Santa Rosa – Tarlac Road and continue to Dingalan – Gabaldon Rd/Palayan – Gabaldon – Dingalan Rd until you reach the town of Dingalan.

b. By Public Transportation:

  • Take a bus going to Cabanatuan City and drop at Cabanatuan City Central Transport Terminal (Travel Time = 3 Hours, Fare = P202).
  • From there, ride a van going to Dingalan, Aurora (Travel Time = 1 Hour, Fare = P100/person).
  • Take a tricycle going to Dingalan Feeder Port (Travel Time = 10 Minutes, Fare = P20/person).


  • Dingalan Lighthouse
  • Dingalan View Deck
  • Lamao Caves
  • White Beach
  • Tanawan Falls


  • Ecological Fee: ₱50/Person
  • Boat Fare (Maximum Passenger of 15 Persons): ₱800/Boat
  • Tour Guide Fee (Day Trip)(Maximum of 15 Persons): ₱200/Destination
  • Tour Guide Fee (Overnight): ₱200 Additional


Dingalan, Aurora - Window to the Pacific (Travel Guide)





  • Contact Number (Mobile): 0908-894-4414 (SMART) and 0917-327-5780 (GLOBE)
  • Email: isda.dingalan@gmail.com
  • Facebook Page: Turismo Dingalan


  • From Barangay Malinao (Mt. Sawi jump-off), you can ride a van or bus going to Dingalan.
  • Make sure to wear strong and comfortable footwear. The trail going to the lighthouse and view deck can be muddy and slippery.
  • The Dingalan Tourism Office is located at the Dingalan Feeder Port.
  • There is a bus going straight to Metro Manila, just consider the travel time as this has many stops.
  • To reach Tanawan Falls, you can hire a tricycle or a habal-habal in the town.
  • Leave No Trace. Keep your trash with you. Let’s keep Dingalan clean and natural.


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  • As I site possessor I believe the content material here is rattling excellent , appreciate it for your hard work. You should keep it up forever! Good Luck.

  • Jerry Villanueva
    October 13, 2021 8:33 AM

    Hi! This content is informative! Just wanted to ask, how much did you pay for your accommodation at Shalom Guest House and Resto Bar? How was the trek to the light house? I’m planning to travel alone, like I always do. Hehehe

    • Jase Beringuela
      October 13, 2021 11:20 AM

      Hi Jerry! Thank you. We paid P1600 for a room, there are 3 of us in that room. This is pre-pandemic but checking on accommodations websites, the price range is around P1400-P1700. As for the trek, the trek can be challenging especially if it is raining, the trail can get muddy so wear proper footwear. Stay Safe and enjoy your travels!

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  • I went there yesterday we travel from nueva ecija just to see the pacific view but i was disappointed as we reach the site we cannot enter ,there is 1 boy and 1 girl named emma they dont let us go inside if we dont take them as they tour guide they asked 300 pesos for only 5 person they will only accompany us going down down to the site akd leave us…we told we want to coordinate with the staffs of view deck first and we will take tour guide from inside..buh sadly they dont allow us to coordinate from the staffs..we travel far and see nothing just because of those snippers ..hoping you can do something from this matter


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