Trampoline Park PH - Jump, Jump and Away! (Jump Guide)
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Trampoline Park PH – Jump, Jump and Away! (Jump Guide)


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The year 2017 was about to end and I was excited for the New Year’s eve to come — family reunion, food, gifts, and fireworks. I remembered the times when the elders told us to jump as high as we can at 12 Midnight so that we can grow taller. As an adult, I don’t believe it anymore but my girlfriend and I decided to do it just for fun — to jump high as much as we can without thinking of our age and limitations before the year ends. We went to a fun place called Trampoline Park in Mandaluyong City.


Trampoline Park is a huge warehouse located in The Portal, Greenfield District. It is composed of dozens of yellow and purple trampoline mats. A place where jumping is the main activity. Brought here by founder, Mark Hogsden, from Great Britain for Filipinos to enjoy the fun of jumping on trampolines.

I’ve first heard of Trampoline Park in Metrodeal and quickly bought 2 vouchers for an hour of fun experience. Before entering the activity area, we were required to watch a video of the safety standards needed before jumping. Jumping may be fun but it can also cause injuries, so we took note of the proper landings and Do’s and Dont’s in the park. Grip socks were required as a footwear so that each person will not slip when thrusting and landing on those mats.Trampoline Park PH - Jump, Jump and Away! (Jump Guide)Trampoline Park PH - Jump, Jump and Away! (Jump Guide)

Trampoline Park PH - Jump, Jump and Away! (Jump Guide)

The moment we set foot inside the park, we didn’t keep ourselves from being stationary. We jumped and jumped until the first pour of our sweat. It was very tiring but fun. I can feel my heart beat faster because of the pressure but also of the excitement. It was like being a kid again in which this simple thing brings joy for the very simple reason of just being fun. It was filled with kids but we ignored the gap and enjoyed what we’re doing.

Trampoline Park PH - Jump, Jump and Away! (Jump Guide)



You can do other activities in the park from dance, fitness, dodgeball to parkour. With those mats, one can be a superhuman doing huge leaps and flips. One of the features we also enjoyed, was the colorful foam pit where we dove and lie comfortably in the pile of foams.

Trampoline Park PH - Jump, Jump and Away! (Jump Guide)Trampoline Park PH - Jump, Jump and Away! (Jump Guide)

If you’re bored with the normal activity of strolling in malls or want a different kind of workout, try this unique place and activity where you will not just enjoy but also can be the new reason of you being physically fit. Cheers to a more healthy lifestyle!

Trampoline Park PH - Jump, Jump and Away! (Jump Guide)

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  • The Portal, Mayflower Street, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila


  • Sportswear
  • Water
  • Extra Clothing


  • Regular (Weekdays) = P320
  • Regular (Weekends) = P350
  • Kidz (2-5 Years Old, Weekdays) = P320
  • Kidz (2-5 Years Old, Weekends) = P350
  • Fitness and Dance = P320
  • Parkour = P450



  • Jumping is fun but every jumper should always take note of the proper landing as it can cause injuries. Everyone is required to watch their video about the SOPs and safety before entering the activity area.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that will let you jump with ease.
  • Grips socks are required for everyone’s safety. You can buy them at the registration area for P100.
  • Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Friday: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • There is a shoe rack for your shoes and lockers for your other stuff.
  • They also have a dining area, a changing room and comfort rooms for your needs.




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