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Biliran – The Province of Nature and Adventure (Travel Guide)

Biliran is an island province located in the region of Eastern Visayas. Before, it belongs to the province of Leyte. Now, it has become an independent province which boasts an identity as a tourism hub for adventurers and nature lovers.

There are a lot to explore in the province from mountains, falls, caves to islands. The province will surely capture your heart like mine.


As part of my Eastern Visayas Trip, I chose Biliran as my second destination. I was intrigued by photos of Sambawan Island and Tinago Falls located in the province.

Before going there, I came from Kalanggaman Island in Leyte.  I rode a van going to Lemon, and from there, rode again another van going to Naval, the capital of Biliran. Leyte and Biliran are connected by the Biliran Bridge, so there’s need for boat transfers.

Biliran Province
Van ride from Lemon, Leyte to Naval, Biliran

Just as the van entered Biliran, I took a glance at the window and the landscape caught my attention. The sea, the rice fields, and the mountains all came together and formed this magnificent landscape of greens and slopes.

I arrived at Naval around 4:00 PM and looked for a place to stay in. I chose to stay at El Roman Pensionne for a cheap and simple accommodation. As part of my trip, I explored the town of Naval and watched the sunset before ending my Day 1 in Biliran.

Biliran Province
Cathedral Parish Of Our Lady Of the Most Holy Rosary
Biliran Province
Naval Tricycle Station
Naval - Biliran Province
Sunset at Naval

Biliran Province


I’ve started my Biliran Tour around 7 AM. I told my guide, Kuya Elmer, to bring me to the falls of the island. Some of the falls can only be accessed by trekking deep into the forest/mountain. Visiting them all will consume a lot of time. Instead, he brought me to places which I didn’t know about but also a place to visit in Biliran.

I rode at the back of his motorcycle and saw this beautiful landscape of the rice terraces and the mountains being hit by the sun. It was a view I won’t forget. Just seeing it makes me stare in awe.

Biliran Province


Below are the destinations I’ve visited in Biliran:

Paradizu Bayview Resort

Biliran Province
View at Paradizu Bayview Resort

Paradizu Bayview Resort is a resort which offers a view deck where everyone can see the west coast of Biliran. Sadly, it’s hard to swim there because of the rocky beach. It’s a starter for my Biliran exploration.

Biliran Province

Acaban Cave

Acaban Cave - Biliran Province
Acaban Cave

Acaban Cave or Lover’s cave is located in the Municipality of Culaba. It is just along the national road so accessibility is not a problem. Entrance fee is 20 Pesos for adults and 10 Pesos for kids.

Acaban Cave - Biliran Province

Different stories surround the cave, like:

1. Japanese Soldiers used the cave as a hiding place during World War 2 and hid a lot of gold treasures inside which attract treasure hunters.
2. It is very long that it reaches up to the mountains at the middle of the island.
3. The water coming from the spring inside said to have healing powers.
4. Enchanted spirits dwell in the cave.
5. Two lovers spent some “time” inside but tragedy struck and they got swallowed by the sea.

These stories maybe true or not but it is a fact that this cave is a place worth visiting. 

Take a dip into its clear and cold waters or take a rest at its cottages and watch the sea and sunset.

Acaban Cave - Biliran Province
Cottages around Acaban Cave
Acaban Cave - Biliran Province
Clear Waters in Acaban Cave

Acaban Cave - Biliran Province

Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls - Biliran Province
Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls is one of the beautiful falls in Biliran. It is located in Caibiran, a town near Naval. There’s a road leading to the main entrance of the falls which makes access easy and offers a view of the mountains surrounding the area.

Biliran Province
Road going to Tinago Falls
Biliran Province
Mountains surrounding Tinago Falls

The Entrance Fee is 20 Pesos. Luckily, I got to spend the whole falls for myself. Seeing and hearing the current helped in calming my mind.

Tinago Falls - Biliran Province
Tinago Falls


Canaan Hill Farms - Biliran Province
Canaan Hill Farms

Canaan Hill Farms is a farm situated on the slope of a mountain. They grow organic fruits and vegetables and nurture different kinds of livestock. Silence is observed throughout the farm, as noise can also give stress to the plants and animals. With the silence, you can hear the different sounds made by insects and animals. A viewing deck is located at the top where everyone can see the east coast of Biliran.

Canaan Hill Farms - Biliran Province
Canaan Market Place

You can also buy and eat their fresh produce from their market place.

Canaan Hill Farms - Biliran Province

Canaan Hill Farms - Biliran Province
East Coast of Biliran

Canaan Hill Farms - Biliran Province

Kasabangan Falls

Kasabangan Falls - Biliran Province
Kasabangan Falls

Rain started to pour when we reached Kasabangan Falls. Before reaching the falls, we made a short trek through a man-made bridge. It is located deep into the forest. Seeing it felt mysterious as it was hidden and enclosed in rocks.

Cabucgayan Boardwalk

Cabucgayan Boardwalk - Biliran Province

Cabucgayan Boardwalk is a pathway surrounded by mangroves and the sea. One can relax on the bamboo benches built there for you to eat and breathe fresh air. We ate our snacks while sharing stories about life.

Cabucgayan Boardwalk - Biliran Province
Cabucgayan Boardwalk

Biliran Bridge

Biliran Bridge is much like the San Juanico Bridge but shorter.  It connects the province to Leyte. It is made of steel and built above Poro Point, an island between the two island provinces. Sadly, I didn’t have any photos because my action cam got drained and I can’t use my camera because it was raining hard. From there, you can see the Biliran Strait & Carigara Bay and feel the strong wind coming from the sea.


Biliran Province
Mountains and rice fields of Biliran

One day is not enough to explore the whole province and discover its wonders, but just by seeing the landscape and the destinations of the province, I can say that it is a haven for adventurers and nature seekers.

I will surely come back to see the other wonders that Biliran offers, especially Sambawan Island and the Ulan-ulan Falls.

Biliran Province

Please also check out my next post about my adventures in Biri Island. 🙂 Keep Chasing!



DAY 3 (LEYTE-Kalanggaman Island-Palompon-Lemon-BILIRAN-Naval)

6:30 AM
Woke up/Sunrise watching
7:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Swam/Took photos
10:30 AM
Packed tent and things
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Rode boat back to Palompon Port
1:00 PM
Lunch at nearby Carinderia
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Rode van going to Lemon
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Rode van from Lemon to Naval, Biliran
Arrived at Naval/Looked for accommodation
4:30 PM
Checked-in at El Roman Pensionne
5:00 PM
Explored Town/Dinner
8:00 PM

DAY 4 (BILIRAN-Naval-Biliran Island)

6:00 AM
Woke up/Breakfast at nearby Carinderia
7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Started Biliran Tour (Paradizu Bayview Resort, Acaban Cave, Tinago Falls, Canaan Hill Farms, Kasabangan Falls, Cabucgayan Boardwalk, Biliran Bridge)
4:30 PM
Back at El Roman Pensionne/Wash up
Explored Town/Dinner
Rest/Packed things




 Boat Fare (Kalanggaman Island to Palompon)
200 Pesos
Van from Palompon to Lemon
150 Pesos
Van from Lemon to Naval
80 Pesos
El Roman Pensionne
250 Pesos
Food and Water
147 Pesos

DAILY EXPENSES = 827.00 Pesos


Biliran Tour
800 Pesos
Entrance Fee for Acaban Cave
10 Pesos
Entrance Fee for Tinago Falls
20 Pesos
Entrance Fee for Canaan Hill Farms
50 Pesos
Entrance Fee for Cabucgayan Boardwalk
20 Pesos
El Roman Pensionne
250 Pesos
Food and Water
162 Pesos

DAILY EXPENSES = 1312.00 Pesos

Check out my KALANGGAMAN ISLAND – LEYTE POST for the start of my itinerary and expenses.


Check out my BIRI ISLAND – NORTHERN SAMAR POST for the continuation of my itinerary and expenses.


Check out my EASTERN VISAYAS TRAVEL GUIDE for the whole itinerary and expenses.



  • The best way to explore the island is with the use of motorcycles. A bus line operates in the area, but it is limited and may take a long time for you to reach your destination.
  • Some falls are located deep into the forests and can only be accessed by trekking. Make sure you are prepared traveling long and elevated distances.
  • Please practice LNT/Leave No Trace. I believe that the island is very beautiful and through keeping it clean and natural will maintain its charm and continue boosting its tourism industry.
  • Don’t travel alone or if you are a solo traveler, be accompanied by a guide.
  • Other places to visit: Sambawan Island, Higatangan Island, Ulan-ulan falls, Bagongbong Falls and Dalutan Island.
  • For guide and motorcycle rentals, contact Kuya Elmer Samuray: 0915-269-8650 or 0929-713-8940.
  • For Accommodations, check out El Roman Pensionne or  Biliran Island Inn. If you want a home away from home, Kuya Elmer offers a home for rent outside Naval.



TRAVEL DATE: MARCH 14-16, 2017

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